Survivor Reality Television Show Contestants Need More Personal Tech Devices

When watching reality Television Shows, specifically “Survivor” it seems rather obvious that when one is walking through the jungle or over difficult terrain, it might be easy to get lost. They therefore need GPS devices and some type of better lighting. Survivor Reality Television Show Contestants need body mounted lighting and holsters for their personal tech survival gear. One man suggested that;”With people walking/running, we need a way to keep the light itself to stay direct. We do not want the light from the device to bounce with every twist and turn.”Yes, this is a big concern. The human eyes on the body stay focused all the time. So the vision stays the same and the rest of the body moves. Evolution has provided humans with this incredible design. But if we are to mount a GPS unit and a lighting system on the person we need to consider that there is less bounce and less jarring at the hip and also at the center of the chest.For the women Survivor Contestants; the light could rest between their breasts on a clip using a fiber optic tiny wire. For men it might be better to use Velcro for the front of the shirt although I generally run without a shirt on? So there is that? And for that naked guy, just Velcro it to his crotch or chest hair and let him deal with that later. Ouch!That is not difficult really, as there are many personal tech devices and types of survival gear, which are mounted in such a way for this very same reasons. The light should be mounted on a floater. This is a great idea especially for those who jog with it.Actually one engineer made a very good point and that is if you are tromping through the forest the light will bounce so much that you will not be able to see at night and you will probably get injured sometime through out the night. The GPS unit is not a critical and perhaps could be warn around the neck.One might also ask what do miners use? And if you are looking at the ground directly in front of you, then you will be trying to look through the light rather than where the beam might be pointed and a poor Survivor Contestant could easily step on a snake and be out of the contest. This is one reason that Survivor Reality Television Show Contestants need more Personal Tech Devices and why they must be properly mounted. Think on this in 2006.